Onavo Count for iPhone/iPad

Onavo for iPhone

Onavo Count is a stunning app that brings you intuitive reporting about how you're using mobile data. You'll get:

  • Your 30 day overview: See how much data you've used in the last 30 days and a list of the apps you're using the most.
  • App profiles: Click on any app that shows up in your 30 day overview to understand how much data you've used in it every week during the month
  • Onavo Extend integration: See how much data you're saving with Onavo Extend right from the Onavo Count home screen

How it works

Onavo Count monitors and analyzes all types of mobile data and phone use. This includes background, foreground, and Wi-Fi use. To keep your battery from being drained, Onavo Count directs all of your mobile network communications through their servers and measurement technology.