Onavo Extend for iPhone/iPad

Onavo for iPhone

Ready to get more from your mobile data plan?

Onavo Extend helps you save mobile data so you can do more of what you love on your phone without spending more on your bill. Once the app is installed on your phone, it works in the background when you use mobile data to find ways to save.

Onavo Extend:

  • Loads images when you scroll down to them so you don’t use valuable data on images you might not see
  • Balances image quality and data savings based on your settings
  • Automatically turns itself off when you connect to Wi-Fi

Onavo Extend also gives you details about how much data you use in each app so you always know where your data is going.

How it works

To compress your data, Onavo Extend runs continuously in the background and directs all data downloaded over 3G, EDGE and LTE through Onavo's servers and compression technology.